Tuesday, May 7, 2013



pathos in deliberative disdain by Heller Levinson
Mosaic by James Mirarchi
Marching by Ben Currier
Please Don't Finger Me by Samantha Stewart
The Other Place by Michael Brandonisio
The Eight-Wheeled Doorway of Serpent's Head by Mark Fleury
Two poems by Niall Rasputin
Chained Men by Jon Bennett
Two poems by Paul Grant
Two poems by George Held
Two poems by Mark Young
Two poems by Bruce McRae
To Ginsberg, on Going to the Wars by Christian Aguiar
from Quintet Dialogues: translating introspection by Felino Soriano
Mare Vaporum by Ann Howells
A Lesson in Male Semiotics by Katherine Albrook
Something in the System by Hannah Adcock
New Job in Small Office by Donal Mahoney
American Anxiety by A.P. Carlson
Res Erection by Michael Murray
Somewhere the Sun by David Mac
Two poems by David McLean
Two poems by Richard King Perkins II

Manic for Sonics! by Alison Ross (CD Review of Deerhunter's Monomania)
Django Unchained, A Reviewer Pissed Off by Christian Aguiar (Movie Review)
A Shaman and his Shocking Secret Success by Alison Ross (CD/Movie Review of "Searching for Sugarman" Film/Soundtrack)
Michael McAloran's In Damage Seasons by David McLean (Book Review)
A Liberating Linguistics by Alison Ross (Book Review of Hinge Trio)
Bartin D. Smock's mating rituals of the responsibly poor by David McLean (Book Review)
All You Need is Amour by Alison Ross (Movie Review)
Kevin Reid's Body Voices by David McLean (Book Review)
Powerful Cats, Public Enemies, and the Ty that Binds by Alison Ross (CD Mini-Reviews)
Travis Blair's Little Sandwiches by David McLean (Book Review)

The Truth by Matt Kolbet (Satire)
Games, Guns, and the NRA: A Story of Incest by Alison Ross (Polemic)
Karl Marx Would be Appalled at American Capitalism by Edwin Young (Polemic)
Finally, An Intelligent Story About Sex! by Jon Wesick (Satire)
The Ultimate Existential Dilemma of Our Futur Global World by Edwin Young (Polemic)
A Revolutionary Mode of Educating in the Midst of Modern Pseudo Media by Edwin Young (Polemic)

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