Monday, April 29, 2013

Two poems by Niall Rasputin

go! gravy go!

radiant rubber bandwidth
slingshot anima cookies!
gum-bleed social music
into antisocial
eyes! (I)s! eyes!
mutate blue & yellow
wildflowers into ragged red scratches
with loud crucified attempts at orgasmic light
tumble in shadow vision
like a falling cinder
a pissed off razorblade raindrop
hoping to be caught
on the forked tongue
of a tyrant
punt devilish wish bullet
into the motherboard brain
angelic dream-fuckery
of an orphaned generation
whore sacred soul
to collect
mental rent
another starry tryst
in the alphabet galaxy
good daze
my frenzy
good daze
my fiends
our tickle will never
stop laughing


![sinner is swerved]!}
caution: aliens at play
watch for live ire
or don’t
take a
parasitic dip
in the anomaly pool
of sexy illusions
scantly adorned
in reaching
with pin up tits
jaguar teeth
eyes like a solar mass
lick fire foam
from lava lattes
blow brain bubbles
into a flatline sky
drink delicious hellfire
barf psychotic cherubs
because truth is a shifty tide
because life is a naked wish
because this is where the flesh golems
hide their hungry magic
{![sinner is swerved]!}

Author bio:

Niall Rasputin lives on a houseboat in SE Louisiana. He is in love with the swamp, but often has secret trysts with the stars. He believes that laughter and song are the finest of all opiates. He writes his madnesses and passions down as a form of daily exorcism. He will never understand his own species, but will die trying. He is never wrong, because he refuses to know anything. He is 245 in dog years.

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LeeKwo said...

Great words Niall riddled with brilliant images and the gentle roll of the house boat the smell of the swamp/Some words like an aching tooth others the dust of a moths wing/Well done my friend you are a published poet now/Regards and affection Lee Kwo/