Monday, May 6, 2013


For this issue's Catatonically Speaking, I have spared you my usual, exasperating rambling tirade.

Instead, in honor of the magical band, Deerhunter, whose new album. Monomania, I feature in a brief review this issue, I will post three images to express what's consuming me lately. When it comes to "stuff," I am predictably "trio-manic." I obsess about politics and music and literature/art, basically (is that four? But but...I see lit and art as connected...). But I am monomanic in the sense that when I obsess on those topics, I obsess about one aspect of those topics, endlessly. And it brings me much joy, but also much angst.

See if you can guess - it's OH SO DIFFICULT - which particular element of each of my triumvirate of preoccupations I have been obsessing about lately.

 So anyway. Blah blah etc. May your own obsessions bring you infinite agony or ephemeral bliss!

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