Monday, April 15, 2013

Res Erection by Michael Murray

It happened at different times,
I was about twelve years old
When blood began to flow in foreign territory
Causing parts of me to move
From six to twelve o’clock. 

It happened at different places too,
But it always happened
While kneeling at Gesu. 

What were the nuns thinking
Placing uniformed prepubescent boys
On their knees, hands folded
Behind girls in less than knee length skirts? 

There’s something doggish about kneeling-
Glaring at girls backs
Nothing between them and you
But a gum-covered wooden pew.

A half clothed Jesus would stare down 
From on high,
But He looked at the ground,
Not my eyes
Transfixed on young thighs. 

Author bio: 

Michael Murray resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a yoga instructor and works part time tending bar. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, traveling, spending time outside, and seeing live music. Michael is especially fond of the band Phish.

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