Monday, April 29, 2013

Two poems by George Held

The Gone Moon
For Cher

What if the moon disappeared
and left us bereft
of its cyclical luminosity?

What if the new moon
stopped renewing and left
the sky black:

no more crescents, halfs,
fulls, or lunar eclipses:
no more moonlit walks,

reflections on the pond,
companion in the night sky?
But those born after

would never know the difference:
and the poets among them
might be more, er, down-to-earth.


Black Sprite

Black fur and big green eyes
Pour out mournful cries

From hall or stairs: wherever,
They’re wrapped in cat hairs:

And the cries sound like “George,”
Which I hear as “purge,”

a command to put this feline sprite
Out of ears, out of sight:

But its caterwauls cause woe,
Like the black cat of E.A. Poe.

While I strive to keep it alive,
Leave offerings of food and love,

What’s it left on my doormat?:
A gift of stinking you-know-what.

Author bio:

George Held's most recent book is a collection of animal poems for children, entitled NEIGHBORS TOO, illustrated by Joung Un Kim (

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Bill Britton said...

And black cats would be even more invisible on moonless nights, but their warm offerings would not, at least to your slippered feet.