Monday, April 8, 2013

A Revolutionary Mode of Educating in the Midst of Modern Pseudo Media by Edwin Young (Book Review)

It is a mammoth and highly acclaimed, corrective tome set in opposition to the establishment’s and the version of US History generally taught in public schools and universities.  I was surprised to learn a professor of history at the American University in DC was Stone’s main source and collaborator.  There is widespread work, like Howard Zinn’s work,  being done now to correct US history and expose the populace to its ugly, imperialistic, exploitative, ruthless side.  I think we are reaching a critical turning point with the far right and the far left coming to blazing, political, ideological brawl over the future course for US destiny.  The right-wingers are the extremely wealthy, corporate rulers of global corporations.  They control the media and lobbyists and fabricate our super-patriot, pseudo-humanitarian image imbedded in the major news channel’s storylines which are fed to the gullible public.  Theirs is a long and secret history.  Even the “Smithsonian” has written a corrective of our early history, beginning with George Washington.  These new Corprocrats believe, as do I, that the people, the masses, are too ignorant to know the truth and to influence government.  While I accept them premise on that point, I definitely do not accept their Nazi- like ideology of  the superiority of Western man and Manifest Destiny of a global capitalist, free enterprise, empire.  I feel it is vitally important to digest this alternative history presented by Kuznick and Stone.

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