Monday, April 8, 2013

pathos in deliberative disdain by Heller Levinson

pathos in deliberative disdain

                                                     (Titular Alternate:  Fuck 
                                                      (to be read at inauguration address

trump sycophants    scintillant simoom sinners vanity flame fanners choking pasteurized smoke their correlative soot their feign sarcophagus wisdom disembowelings template dissolutions their self-righteous plastic virtuosity boa-squeezing bloat paltries banal bombasts usuriously unctuous malfeasant misdemeanor slapsticking subsidiary subscribers morally delinquent slogan slinging slumlords of perennial echo
privilege premature organ shutdown
this is not a rant yes it is a rant 
replay:  this is not a rant
this is rant-like on the road to rant 
eyeballs melting over broccoli appeal for a sustaining vision 
fuck sustenance fuck temporality
fuck stability fuck instability
fuck the principled fuck the unprincipled 
fuck rapture & fuck grief
fuck birth fuck death
fuck Samson fuck Goliath 
fuck blackberries & fuck blueberries 
fuck the new criticism fuck Ginsberg & fuck Hare Krishna too
fuck maturity fuck immaturity
this is not a fuck poem    sure it’s a fuck poem fuck fuck fuck fuck duck fuck fuck
i hate fuck poems they are so predictable & unoriginal & been done over & over again fuck original fuck unoriginal fuck the new & the fuck the old 
fuck me & fuck you
fuck literature fuck the theater fuck art fuck comics fuck tragedians fuck astronomy biology geology theology botany & fuck cooking too
fuck football fuck basketball fuck baseball fuck yoga pilates modern dance stretch class fuck health clubs spas physical therapy psychotherapy marriage counseling karate cycling swimming running walking tang soo do & tai chi chuan,    & oh yeah a real big fuck you to Golf!
fuck you golf   fuck you
you’re right there with creative writing fuckin creative writing sucks the big one
fuck physics parallel universes string theory hinge theory quantum quatro quintets & quartets melons& honeydew
fuck higher education universities honor programs elementary school graduate school gre’s sat’s & fuck no kid left behind  they should have applied themselves
this is not monotonous
yes it is monotonous
monotony can be healthy
also hazardous
this is self-conscious
what is self un-conscious?
fuck conscious fuck unconscious 
fuck jews christians catholics protestants muslims hindus buddhists commies capitalists socialists occidentals orientals eurasians caucasians vegetarians meat eaters opium dealers nose pickers fuck the rich fuck the poor fuck fishermen hunters farmers pedestrians podiatrists pederasts the mafia the cia the believers & the unbelievers fuck bach fuck beethoven & shos-ta-ko-vich too
fuck starbucks gm ford toyota the gap banana republic j.crew nike adidas louis vuitton and tiff a ny   & yeah any self-respecting fuck poem’s gotta give a big fuck you to wal mart a double fuck you to you wal mart
this is a fuck poem that fucks up all fuck poems the
fuck poems that came before and the fuck poems to come
fuck latin salsa rumba tango fuck the gym fuck diets fuck thin fuck obesity fuck your cell phone yr iphone yr blackberry yr ipad yr downloads yr uploads fuck all the screen-slaves of the world fuck steve jobs & apple billy gates & microsoft toyota & saudi arabia fuck the mid east & ar-gen-tin-a
fuck the measles fuck pimples fuck tuberculosis &
fuck gonorrhea
do you know the meaning of love
fuck love & love
fuck each & every omission
fuck the inclusive & exclusive
& shut the fuck up

*  above is abridged ...
*  ... because “fuck” is an ongoing fuckin development

Author bio: 

Heller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior.  He has published in over a hundred journals and magazines.  His publication, Smelling Mary (Howling Dog Press, 2008), was nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the Griffin Prize. Black Widow Press published his from stone this running in 2012.  Hinge Trio was published by La Alameda Press in 2012.  In 2013, Spare Change Press publishedwHoosh 1 and Fowlpox Press published wHoosh 2 (both online and print).Additionally, he is the originator of Hinge Theory

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