Monday, April 29, 2013

Please Don't Finger Me by Samantha Stewart

I've been aging like a fine wine
With this epidermal grape vine
Learning every particle of its subatomic design

I'm a string theory
A rhetorical query
That would baffle Stephen Hawking

I'm a mathematical proof
With an incorrect truth
On a different plane of infinity

I love when you go down
But can't help but frown
When we start kissing
And your fingers are missing
From around my waist or stroking my face
Because they're headed down south to a tropical place

I'm a comma splice
A chaucerian vice
I'm your final thesis due tomorrow

I'm a french verb conjugation
A sudden death elimination
I'm America, and you want the West Indes

I know what I like
Trust me, I'll be vocal
You're a tourist, a foreigner and I happen to be a local

You're not a vaginal magician
Or a clitoral electrician
You're not an orgasm physician
You won't make my climax come out of remission
So please don't fucking finger me.

Author bio: 

Samantha Stewart is a theater and writing student at Warren Wilson college. She has been published in "The Peal" and participates in poetry slams in the Asheville area.

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