Monday, April 15, 2013

American Anxiety by A. P. Carlson

American teens in short jean shorts
cut with knives for summertime.
Cold bottles of high life, sitting

on curbs, looking under Jeeps and Mustangs.

Unbolting starters and alternators
looking for the florid heart of the engine.
Smoke grease stained cigarette butts with 
blackened hands and cut fingers.

Tools that don't fit bolts, those were
made in other countries.
The only way we can get anything 
done is with brute force.

And we slip, we knew we would, 
strip the bolt and scuff
our knuckles. Cursing and bleeding
on a piece that doesn't understand,

why we are being so malicious. 

Author bio: 

A. P. Carlson is an experienced editor and writer. He has a Bachelors Degree in English Literature from Florida State University. He worked as an editor overseeing other writers at a media-marketing firm. He has been a writer at a news magazine and a content writer for a radio station. He has written published articles that went to print and online blogs. He also enjoys writing fiction and poetry and often goes to local open-mic nights to read his work. He has been published for poetry in online journals. Samples of his poetry can be found on his Web site  

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