Monday, April 29, 2013

The Eight-Wheeled Doorway of Serpent’s Head by Mark Fleury

The dirt hilled, barren, thickly humid
Outside world is where I look into the keyhole
From to see the heart of the Sunrise. As Sunship
Moves up and away from this world,
The rising Sun won’t leave its shadow,

The world, behind. Earth,
Forever it seems, is transitioning
To be ruled by its own internal harmony,
Found in each one of us.

All outer space, stars and darkness,
Astronauts’ shuttle, moon too, are in this cage

Of meditation, contained in the way form
Protects content like brain in skull.

The door in a bird’s beak
Beams from the Sunrise, to illuminate
This narrow planet Earth. The shape

Of the Syllable-ship has an eight wheeled door.
I approach the expanding heart of this Sun.
Ego’s narrowing world, smaller and smaller
As the fourth dimensional space opens strength

To expand heart beyond the chains of Holy Trinity.

Author bio:

Mark has recently had poems published in "The Original Van Gogh's Ear Anothology," "ditch," "The Medulla Review," "Haggard and Halloo," "Transcendent Visions," "The Storyteller," "Ruah," "Ceremony," "Poet's Haven" and "Down In The Dirt." Mark has a chapbook called "Spirit Light Naming Sound," published through Scars Publication and Design in 2009, and three poetry book published through Scars: "In Your Heart, The Apostrophe's Teardrops of God" (2010), "Angel's Syllable Is Good Boss of Devil's Spine" (2011) and "The 4D Window" (2012). Mark considers his poems to be surreal, projective verse.

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