Sunday, June 20, 2010


Catatonically Speaking
The Fucked Human Race: BP Proves Twain (Editorial Polemic)

Toxic Tirades and Murderous Mockeries
The BP Spill as Ominous Message to the World (Polemic) by Edwin Young
BP: Beyond Pathetic (Polemic) by Giles Watson
Kathryn Wins Big, But Hollywood Still Hurts for Female Directors (Polemic) by Alison Ross
Comments to the Media on the Occasion of the Israeli Commando Raid on the Gaza-bound Turkish Humanitarian Flotilla (Polemic) by Edwin Young
A Condensed Version of the Holy Bible (Satire) by Kane X. Faucher
Keep the Change (Polemic) by Sheila Samples
The Vile Underbelly for $99.99 a month (Satire) by Wendy Parker
Your Ad for Armyoire (Satirical Art) by Jeff Crouch and Christopher Woods
The Big Easy Heads East (Satire) by Norman Ball
Mexican Migrant Workers: So-Called "Illegals" (Polemic) by Edwin Young
Wastrels (Satire) by Giles Watson
Saradipity for Prez (Satire) by James G. Piatt
Their Flag (Polemical Art) by Jeff Crouch and Christopher Woods
Notes on $50 Popcorn (Satire) by Wendy Parker
A Whim (Satire) by Edward Rodosek
Not So Fast Wall Street Spin Doctors (Polemic) by Edwin Young
The (Fashion) Empire Strikes Back (Satire) by Jon Wesick
Welcome to McToxic! Would You Like Dye With That? (Satire) by Alison Ross
An Irresistible Force with an Insane Rationale (Polemic) by Edwin Young
The Soul of Perry (Satire) by Eric Suhem
Thirty Year Pin (A NAFTA Parable) (Satire) by Norman Ball
Even One of These Little Ones (Polemic) by Sheila Samples
Answering Machine (Satire) by John Ward
State of Science Reporting (Satire) by Jon Wesick

Three Poems by Aedan Cagney
January Was the Wound by Simon J. Charlton
Three Poems by April Michelle Bratten
Three Poems by Neil Ellman
Three Poems by Felino Soriano
That Damn Clockwise Cat by Glenn Lyvers
Two Poems by Stephanie Smith
We Are by Robert Graves
Two Prose Poems by Robert Scotellaro
Three Poems by David Mac
Entertainment Options by David S. Pointer
from the yellow park bench by R.G. Johnson
Three Poems by Connie Stadler
Three Poems by Justin Wade Thompson
Bite it Off by Paul Handley
Two Poems by Cynthia Pfieffer
Poetry by Rob Plath
Three Poems by Karissa Morton
Bedtime Routine by G.O. Clark
Syllables by Ally Malinenko
Two Poems by Sergio Ortiz
desreveR by Matthew
Two Poems by Michael Aaron Casares
Poetry by Gil Waters
Three Poems by A.J. Kaufmann
Man at the Top of the Stairs by John Grochalsk
Three Poems by Burgess Stanley Needle
Two Poems by A.A. Veitch
Three Poems by Kaz Sussman
Three Poems by Matthew Byrne
Three Poems by Michael Mc Aloran

Reviews of Humanely-Raised, Cage-Free Cultural Snacks To Nourish Yer Brane
laughing at funerals or the mclean machine (Book Review) by Dom Gabrielli
Another of America's Dirty Little Secrets (Film Review) by Edwin Young
Gillian Prew's Moving on Madness (Book Review) by David McLean
Sublime Insignificant (Film Review) by Giles Watson
Being and Lightness (Book Review) by Alison Ross
A Pornographic Cure (CD Review) by Alison Ross
Mullholland Menace (Film Review) by Alison Ross
Cherry-fully Chopin (Book Review) by Alison Ross
Not Beaten and Not Defeated: Women of the Beat Generation (Book Review) by Alison Ross
No No No to Yeah Yeah Yeahs/LCD's Silvery Sound/Feeling the Heat of the Rev (CD Mini-Reviews) by Alison Ross
Vampiric Ambivalence: The Grating Dichotomy of Vampire Weekend (CD Review) by Alison Ross

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