Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The (Fashion) Empire Strikes Back (Satire) by Jon Wesick

The (Fashion) Empire Strikes Back
by Jon Wesick

I’m Janet Reno. As Attorney General I proved a woman could be competent and tough. And if I could work for eighteen hours straight, shouldn’t my mascara? That’s why I use Toluene 24-Hour Formula. Toluene’s patented blend of carnauba wax, lampblack, and organic solvents keeps my lashes looking long and thick without clumping or dripping. So whether I’m giving the order to burn down a compound of gun-toting fundamentalists or sending little Elian Gonzalez packing, my lashes will always look their best.

Author bio:

Jon Wesick has a Ph.D. in physics and has published over two hundred poems in small press journals such as the The New Orphic Review, Pearl, Pudding, and Slipstream. Two of his chapbooks have been honorable mentions in the San Diego Book Awards. His poem, “Bread and Circuses,” won second place in the 2007 African American Writers and Artists contest.

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