Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bite it Off by Paul Handley

Bite It Off
by Paul Handley

Shall we correspond?
A good word for transition to a smile.
“How about by correspondence?” she replied.
While I realize that the d in despondence
brings down the corners of the mouth,
unlike the c. So derivatives are avoided,
since we are parting anyway with playful puffs of C.

A pert pout would also be
acceptable from her end.
My end fading from view since we have literally parted
sentences ago.

Next time.
I was warned about guys who never
correspond by correspondence,
The c smiles wistful, laced with vindictive
sprightliness. Does thou denigrate the dearth of dire
tip-offs to the despondent?
Reconciliation (an r word that denotes a stiff upper lip)
with my former girlfriend had occurred.

Author bio:

Paul Handley spent a career as a student and a student of odd jobs. He has an MA, an MPA, and is ABD. He has driven a cab and sold meat door-to-door. Paul has work included or forthcoming in Anemone Sidecar, Apollo’s Lyre, Boston Literary Magazine, Poesia and others.

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