Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two poems by Cynthia Pfieffer

Two poems
by Cynthia Pfieffer


looking in the mirror
i think
what the hell happened here?
i had bonny breasts
and a sublime ass
guys whistled, you know?

i was
a comely lass
with a sweet face
the cupid's-bow lips
became a thin bitter line
the once merry eyes squint
and holy crap there are more wrinkles

no one whistles anymore
unless it's to tell me to move my fat ass

and i tell you this:
when i reached a certain age
i became invisible
not simply unappealing
or inconspicuous
your whole life, as a child, maiden, mother,
ripe and lusty creamy bosomed matron,
you are observed
it is not always unpleasant
and when it stops
there's a kind of grief

now when i look in a mirror
i see something saggy, baggy, craggy
damn, i think
(chocolate, sloth, fear, lousy genes, gravity)
what the hell happened here?



he is cinnamon speckled
nutmeg paprika red pepper scented
jasper garnet mahogany redwood hard
he pulls me to him
i become a poppy a rose a cherry blossom

Author bio:

Cynthia Pfeiffer lives and teaches in the suburbs of Chicago. Her work has appeared online in The Melic Review, Cynic Online Magazine: Cafe Del Soul, Blue Rose Bouquet, Soul Reader and Poetry Victims as well as published by CRAM ( Press). She is working on her first book of poetry and hopes to hear from everyone in the world at

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