Saturday, June 5, 2010

Three Poems by Michael Mc Aloran

Three poems
by Michael Mc Aloran

shredded paper-

eyelids of frost
the ribcage of the sky

the rippling shadows of death
a dense pool of
black blood

the animals cry out in
the night
severed heads a woven basket

the turning of a music box in a
silver mist
cards strewn across the naked back of
a prostitute

my laughter my laughter
strips the moonlight

I eject reeking flowers of shit
the flesh graven the fingers trace the
edge of the blade

I devour torn wings
clutch the silence born of so little

love and death like shredded paper
in the darkness


The Unknown Savagery-

Closed fists shatter wired glass the blood flows
(Every birth a belonging fades away)

Eyes torn out

The expanse of night a black sheet
Drawn over a blanched corpse

The unknown savagery as the winds thicken

Closed flesh the sentient wounds every trace marks
The skull with an indelible artistry

In a vice crushing bone seething teeth of rage
burnt white
Like the reeking air

A desert expanse erased footprints the depth of

Viscid the scream
To touch the depth of the dark
Never to hold never to touch

A smear a taste a fragrance
Scattered flowers in the ashen pile

Our words our words taste the violence of our
Windows bend implode in an elixirate pageantry

Vertiginous with laughter
Exhalations of opiated smoke to
Cut across the landscape

Dragging the opulence of the blood of rage a
Razor slashed violently across pale skin

The blood pulsating, reckless, unfaltering


Desolate Flowers-

Desolate flowers like stricken eyes
Petals of languid blood

Shoots to sprout the shadow
At every turn
Unto the end

The night flows into me like smoke into the lungs
A viscid tide
Burnt moss
A trace of the unknown whispering

I shave away the bones almost to the bare wick
My teeth drip of silence

I spit it out
Author bio:

Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast-born, his family moved to the south of Ireland due to 'The Troubles'. He spent a brief spell studying Fine Art & Design, but left after one disillusioned year. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, living for short spells in both Holland & Italy. He still continues to paint pretty obsessively when he can afford to. He has been writing poetry for almost a decade, but has only recently begun to submit. He has been published by 'Poetry Monthly International', (U.K), 'Counterexample Poetics', (U.S), 'Lines Written W/A Razor', (Canada), 'The Gloom Cupboard',(U.S), 'Eviscerator Heaven', (U.S), 'Writing Raw', (U.S) , 'Full Of Crow', (U.S), 'The Recusant, (Scotland); work is forthcoming at 'Clockwise Cat', (U.S), 'Deep Tissue', (U.S), 'Why Vandalism?', (U.S), BlazeVox, (Fall 2009 Edition), 'Gutter Eloquence', (U.S), and also at 'Origami Condom' (U.S). His first published book, 'In The Black Cadaver Light Light', was published 'Poetry Monthly Press', (U.K). He also likes to entertain himself with cigarettes and alcohol... Other poetic exercises can be found at Against The Dark Distance.

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