Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That Damn Clockwise Cat! by Glenn Lyvers

That Damn Clockwise Cat!
by Glenn Lyvers

The quiet itself is a mere perception, a strange false-quiet in the room.
The deaf spider works his vibrating thread, toiling away with his dead diet.

The eternal muzak is pulled from stock, and seems to form sticky notes-
a melody of the blood squirting from my neck and the ticking of the clock.

The scuffle of footsteps behind the door only detracts from the dreamy soft song,
A simple creamy clarity nourishes, while I become one with the spell-like rhythm.

The melody is upstaged by the polluting purr of the clockwise cat.
From between the red pulses emerges my rage, that damn cat…, damn cat!

I hate that evil cat, with its smiting singing stabbing at my only honest song,
Its horrific rendition spills out because it knows my longest breath will end its torment.

Author bio:

Glenn Lyvers is the author of “Glenn Lyvers Midwest Collection” available on Glenn recently won a Wolfson Award from Indiana University and Best Poet 2009 from Midwest Literary Magazine. Glenn is the current editor of Poetry Quarterly—and he requires a hand written note from your great great grandmother before being consulted.

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