Sunday, March 29, 2009


CATatonically SpeakING

PC Language Update by Al Norm
Suburban Safari by Kane X. Faucher

ROGUE CON (Video Art) by Cecilia Chapman
Art by Don Hitchings
Funky Art by Funky Visage
Editorial Cartoons by MJ
Photography by Jeff Crouch

Two Ways of Viewing the World by Edwin Young
It's Time for the Madness to Stop by Sheila Samples
A Modern-Day Holocaust, With a Sickening Twist by Alison Ross
Kill the Greasy Market Economy Ideologue Conspirators by Edwin Young

Of Cats, Landlords, and Bats by Stephen Mead

Dharmic Dimensions in The English Patient (Film Review) by Alison Ross
The Dream Syndicate's Days of Wine and Roses (CD Review) by Steven Porter
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal's Before and Well After Midnight (Book Review) by David McLean
Fuck the Millionaires, It's All About the Slums, Dawg! (Film Review) by Alison Ross
Misti Rainwater-Lites' Monkey Bites (Book Review) by David McLean
Visiting Cinematic Greatness: The Visitor (Movie Review) by Alison Ross
Travis Blair's Train to Chihuahua (Book Review) by David McLean
Drunk on Honey: Lucinda William's Little Honey (CD Review) by Alison Ross

Lois on the Down Low by Paula Ray
Time Expired by David L. Rasey
The Way She Held Her Head by John A. Ward
Newbie by Joshua Scribner
Flash fiction by JA Tyler
Angels Reborn by Terry McKee
The Art Thief by Polly Tuckett
Eleven Woodpeckers Sat on a Wire by Krammer Abrahams
The Flight by DA Kentner
The Fountain by Jim Stutz
You Can't Take it With You by Michael Pelc
Brand New Oonah V. Joslin
Flash fiction by Luca Penne
Glut by Khrynn McManus

under the strobe of a heroin moon by PA Levy
Scenes from What Television Taught Me by Eric Beeny
Three poems by Ryan B. Richey
Notes on Empathy by Howie Good
Crazy Pills by DC
i used to wear these clothes by Lena Drake
Two poems by Michael Lee Johnson
'Hey Paris Schmilton' by David Mcmullan
Three poems by John Grey
Two poems by Linda Leedy Schneider
Four poems by Wesley Teal
The Conjurer's Son by Diane Unterweger
Two poems by Kevin Bennett
Two poems by Ricky Garni
Five poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Two poems by Isaiah Vianese
Two poems by Jeff Carter
The Tin Man by Daniel Casebeer
Five poems by Felino Soriano
Three poems by Liz Hall
Three poems by Joanne Merriam
holding my ebony pencil by Pamela E. Mohon
Five poems by Amanda Boschetto
Textbook Example by Dalton Pretzer
Suze Orman's Gonna Save My Ass by Daniel Irwin
Come Visit Me in the Psych Ward by Malialinda
Four poems by Paul Grant
Melting Voices by George Anderson
Three poems by Deep Piercing Cut
Five poems by John Kuligowski
Two poems by Constance Stadler

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