Monday, March 23, 2009

PC Language Update by Al Norm

PC Language Update
by Al Norm

The following terms are my suggestions for correcting our flagrant, genderist, racist, ideologically-misguided language. You must now use them in your lexicon:

Ghetto blaster: ethnic briefcase.

Sex bomb: incendiary sensual subject.

Disabled: alternative skill-set practitioner.

Crack whore: substance-enabled pleasure-enthusiast engineer.

Gypped (to be): Pseudo-Semitic-related financial shortfall.

“Sand Nigger”: silicate-rich persons of enhanced epidermal hue.

Bitch: emotionally liberated womyn with ambitious interpersonal intent.

Terrorist: alternative ideological entrepreneur experiencing an anger management resource accessibility gap.

Republican: culturally focused self-sufficient tactician.

Canadian: non-confrontational, values-unified rights enthusiast.

“Faggot”: homosocial pairing specialist of amourous persuasion.

Bum: underemployed persons experiencing alternative open-air concept urban living arrangements.

Slut: hypersocial naturalist manager.

Jock: short-term goal-oriented athletico-physicalist.

Infantile: prolapsed adult.

Tyrant: self-directed vision-focused determinationist with political options.

Philosopher: (see Bum).

Frog: Franco-nationalist cultural enthusiast.

Toronto: Waste management oversight.

White Trash: Aluminum-siding and Skynrd rich delegate with alternative dental schema.

Nationalist: non-integrationist social planner.

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