Sunday, March 22, 2009

under the strobe of a heroin moon by P.A. Levy

under the strobe of a heroin moon
by P.A. Levy

Emma has a mission to make oxygen masks hipper
yet ultimately it comes down to tits and teeth
and summer licks
the bass line and the drum in sync
E-motion moves
dancing girls in giga byte soundwaves
with micro dot eyes sea leg jive
drives the suicide kings to death by tears
or so the story goes

and i’ve been told
to keep the snap snap paparazzi happy
this age of plenty is a myth in the making
from stage diver to mini cab rider
according to the rush hour road kill
retrospective prophecy
youth over

Author bio:

P.A. Levy, having fled his native East End, now hides in the heart of Suffolk countryside learning the lost art of hedge mumbling. He has been published in several magazines, although these days he spends far too much time controlling his characters on the Clueless Collective web site at: Clueless Collective.

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