Monday, March 23, 2009

Four poems by Paul Grant

Four poems
by Paul Grant

Long snake moans

And handsome
Just don’t cut it anymore

Then again
It’s hard not to be vain
With all these
Pretty little mirrors
In high heels

With every full moon
I get hungrier
For something

I always thought
I was striking distance
And you were a paper target
With several holes
Around the heart

But that’s not really true

I guess
I’m just a matter of time
And you’re
A 10-year regret
That itches
By the day,
Like whiskey
Slowly aging
On the wound
Of a barrel.


Happy ending

I know how
To make a fist
But don’t understand
My own thinking

My pain
Is my love
And I carry a photo of her
In my back pocket

Like a good married couple
We make love
Once a week
Until one of us cries
Like an American
On a talk show

I bury these these tears
In the back garden,
Cast under moonlight
As a pantomime killer,
Like the bloated corpses
Of suicidal dwarfs
And wait
For my own private
To sprout from the remains

Somewhere in all of this,
It seems
There is a way
To be happy.


Without a woman at the sink I eat from dirty plates

I want a groupie
Who only wants
To hold hands
And a stalker who watches me
While i sleep
Without touching themselves

I was never a sucker
For a perfect pair of tits
An enormous
Sweaty intellect
Gets me frothing
Like Pavlov’s dogs

I need
To stop falling
Into love
At 1st grope

I still dream
Of your arse,
Two pale moons
Off my orbit

Their dark sides
Are the places
Sex offenders
Leave the house for

Just how do you
Clean the stains
From a raincoat?

Poems are just regrets
You can send people
In the mail

Here’s yours


I’m your man

I’ll dip my limbs
In glue
And jump onto your thigh
Press a pillow
To your face
Smoother the writhing lump
With kisses
Sew Velcro
To my tongue
And slobber
At your cheek

I’ll kiss you
So hard
That our lips
Will burst
Like two burning zeppelins
Hold them portrait still
Until they congeal
Into a heart shaped

Just think,
We’ll be
Two open wounds
Gushing into
Each other
Until I can
Pick out
Your DNA
In a police line up

I’ll be
The something more comfortable
Hanging at the back
Of your closet
You slip into
When the urge
Is in bloom

I’ll lock my teeth
Around your throat
Pitbull tight

You won’t shake me off

Just think of me
As a necklace
With two bulging pearls

Dress accordingly,
I’ll make outfits

If a snake
Never shed its skin
It would be the most narcissistic
To ever crawl between
Your legs

I would be a 2nd
So distant
People would scream
At my silhouette

Mine! Mine!! Mine!!! Mine!!!! Mine!!!!!

Woof woof.

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