Monday, February 16, 2009

Come Visit Me in the Psych Ward by Malialinda

Come Visit Me in the Psych Ward
by Malialinda

bring me bleeding black roses
I'll share my meds with you
we'll hunt dinosaurs and
carve "reject" into our arms
with black nail polish and exacto knives
you will have to sneak in the knives
We'll take turns rolling off the bed
onto the hard polilshed wood floor
to make sure we are real
we'll telepathically converse with the resident cat
and wonder if he's crazy too
He'll stare at us like we're insane but
secretly he understands
I can tell by the mischevious flicker behind his left pupil
unless that's a cat-aract
then we'll pee on the bible and
sleep in coffins with corpses

Author bio:

Malialinda would truly like you to visit her in the psych ward, in the Herrick psych ward. It gets so lonely ever since they gave her a pill that killed her split personality. Her poetry can be found at DOGZPLOT and is forthcoming in "Breath and Shadow." She blogs at Feigning Sanity.

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