Monday, February 16, 2009

Three poems by Deep Piercing Cut

Three Poems
by Deep Piercing Cut


You have made an art,

out of self-promotion,

struggles with anonymity,

all here and wonderful.

It is a lovely box,

sets her pinky on fire,

she covers her orifice,

with petroleum jelly.

The antidote to death,

is not poetry,

the antidote is,


She navigates comedy and tragedy,

with equal sense,

not to be confused,

with cockiness.

We find in you,

the genuine,

the real,

not here for the show.

She worships,

love’s muscle,

keeps it strong,

all night long.

She disappears,

in a blizzard of confetti,

the norm of form and figure,

an alien surprise,

seems so redundant.

Under the Jonah field,

we sit with anticipation,

flowing in the slipstream,

we swing our machetes.

The jungle accepts our vision,

sitting in her red chair,

one on top of the other,

she never has time.

A half moon hangs low,

in a cloudy sky,

also gaining traction,

a humanist in disguise,

left at the altar.

We remove the peel,

exposing the eternal structures,

life and death, repeat,

and rinse.

You compare spoons and roses,

the dark measure of inconsistency,

purposeful disregard of the rules.

The change has hardened,

wings flap against the resistance,

a total disregard,

voodoo economics.

I visit you in jail,

carry your mother’s tears,

a portion of burden.

We talk of you new trial,

hope for better times,

before your accident.

Place our hat on hope,

if only you could rise,

above the triviality,

and drink the bottle of life.



In a heart shaped like shadows,

they lift the pain from my feeling,

no shovel for my hand,

drinks for the giver.

Drop me into the fire,

the ash marks my body,

fodder for your dreams,

we spend our time.

Move me like the waters,

a stone for my head,

stars in the sky,

twinkle for me.

Hug those that follow,

they don’t really know,

the part that you captured,

with two human hands.



I squint out the door,

pure as sunshine,

move the Romeo,

beyond black and white.

Invisible words remembered,

some lemon on stain,

that little gurgle in your throat,

up on the high wire.

A note on my door,

says “I Love You,”

looks like heroin,

on a hard-boiled day.

They are all the same,

with different names,

and the wind cries misery,

how important the rods.

A vital sense of pathos,

breathed life into …,

forced to face the alone,

fill the emotional void.

Your addiction interferes,

with my attention,

cannot connect the dots,

fleshed out skeleton.

Send us your memories,

an accurate human construct,

the wind blows your nakedness,

stroke upon the canvas.

Hanging on to the miles,

thousand smiles of far away,

seen through crisscross eyes,

it is a patchwork,

Heart pieces glued together,

the drips on the floor,

with screaming telepaths,

cities on flame.

I see it all,

your flame and fruition,

the garbage in your closet,

blood stained man.

She understands,

my need to leave,

the worm that crawls,

eyelids pulled open.

The sleepy aquarium,

an unbreakable bond,

tripping over the lumps,

potatoes and gravy.

No matter how wide,

the rotting flesh,

hangs from your teeth,

a smile of loneliness.

Your tussle with fear,

your words not mine,

you fed them to me,

line by line.

The wings have ears,

and voice,

a particular,

kind of tragedy.

The back row scowls,

everyone attack,

this ravenous love,

chasing waste and stupidity.

Author bio:

Deep Piercing Cut was born in Waterloo, IA in 1961. Deep has worked at many meaningless and crummy jobs. Deep has a variety of creative talents. He is interested in writing, painting, playing drums, and creating music files with his computer. His writing has been described as intriguing and intoxicating with a wonderful grace and flow that exhibits raw power. Deep’s poems “The Living and the Dead” and “Blue Man on the Cross” were published in the Ursa Major Poetry Blog. Deep’s poems “Dogma” and “Live Psychic Readings” were published on the 10K Poets poetry blog. Also, Deep’s videos “Puddle” and “Welcome” were published by 10K Poets poetry blog. He has flash fiction forthcoming in Bad Marmalade and three poems forthcoming in Heroin Love Songs. You can find Deep’s work at: Glenny The Poet.

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