Sunday, March 15, 2009

crazy pills by D.C.

crazy pills
by D.C.

my doctor prescribes these pills
for my brain and they’re stupid
because i’m completely fine so
i stock up for four weeks and then
take them all at once, just for fun,
in one giant gulp, like i’m breathing
really hard. i took my monthly dose
one hour ago and i’m completely fine
right now, i can even write a poem! and
i can even kill you with my ray-gun no

Author bio:

D.C. is 20 years old and has one gray hair. He works closely with dead animals. Currently, his residence is a computer. He drinks Red Bull all day and never sleeps. Sometimes he writes poetry for weird journals like Mad Swirl, Yellow Mama and Litchaos. People can spy on him at DC Porder.

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