Friday, March 6, 2009

Five poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Five poems
by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal


How everything frightens me,
from syllables to monsters.
My spine bends out of shape
when I am into my fears.
Life is reduced to a nightmare.
Every word is a haunting.
I speak to the voices.
I need them to stop.
I know they are not real
or I need to believe they are not
real, just so I could sleep in peace.



I sat at the window
looking into the sea.
I floated in my thoughts
beyond the window pane.
I saw a thin blue sky
and sea bubbles rising
with the waves. A soft cloud
in the thin blue sky was
all by itself, one cloud
for all the sea and all
the people on the beach.



You put things in
a different light
whenever you
spoke to me. The way
you chose your words
I never felt numb.
The corners of
your mouth and your
smile was not like
a spear in my heart.
They were my light.



When I see visions
I must confess I only
see them when I’m alone.
When a rose appears
in my visions I always
feel a thorn at my side.
I rub and rub my pain,
but it only feels worse.
The petals from the rose
appear like the weight
of the world in my
terrible visions.

I take deep breaths
until my breathing calms.



I walked alone singing
unfazed by the warm sun.
In my youth I was care-
free. I did not care what
day it was. The gold sun
followed me in summer.
I had few friends, still do.
I am bothered by the
sun these days. My eyes look
away from the angry
sun. I was happy in
my youth and did not mind
the sun. I wore sandals.
My armpits were drier
even in the sun’s heat.
Now I pray for a cloud.

Author bio:

Luis has a new chapbook out, called Garden of Rocks, which was published by Kendra Steiner Editions in July 2008.

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