Thursday, August 29, 2013



Two poems by Leonore Wilson
waking up on the wrong side of town by Philip Miletic
Howl for Dessert; Or, The Beat Guide to Making Coffee Yogurt Pie by Ian Marshall
Two poems by Michelle Nickol
Two poems by Philip Byron Oakes
Identity by Ralph Michael Chiaia
Flowers by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
So Many Legs I Couldn't Count Them All by James Babbs
BOOM! BLAM! BOOM! by George Held
Woman Contemplating a Yellow Cup by Neil Ellman
Pulse by Brenton Booth
The Crumbling Clock by Paul Tristram
Two poems by Willie Smith
With Fire For Eyes and a Mouth Full of Grubs by Holly Day
That Will be That by Roy K. Austin
The Odyssey of Pastor Harold Scnabel by Donal Mahoney
Daddio by Jules Archer
Two poems by David Mac
except for screams by Wanda Morrow Clevenger
Two poems by Rob Plath
Two poems by John Grochalski
Nukes by Travis Blair
please send weapons by David McLean
Novelty Items Near Memoirs by Caleb Puckett

Mein Yampf (Satire) by San Monto

Ultimate Questions (Polemic) by Edwin Young
Welcome to AmeriKKKa: Negro Vaginas GO HOME! (Satire) by Alison Ross
The Mystery of the Disappearing Jobs Market (Polemic) by Nick Noyes
This Never Happened to the Other Fellow (Satire) by Jon Wesick
Contemplating Modern Existence (Polemic) by Edwin Young
On Civil Disobedience (Polemic) by Nick Noyes
Education is an Oxymoron (Polemic) by Edwin Young

Gillian Prew's Throats Full of Graves (Book Review) by David McLean
How to be a Slacker in Downtown 81 (Twin Film Reviews) by Alison Ross
Vampire Weakness (CD Review) by Alison Ross
The Men of Lamantia (Book Review) by Alison Ross
Manic for Sonics! Part Duh (Deerhunter CD Review) by Alison Ross
Exxistential Musings (The xx CD Review) by Alison Ross

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