Monday, August 26, 2013

THAT WILL BE THAT by Roy K. Austin

I had a thought that thought is a child
fumbling, stumbling with acquired
knowledge, and the parent, wise, looking
decidedly abstract and endlessly vacant,
though still smiling back as pure mind
with a myriad pin – points of light to give hope,
both inwardly and endlessly without,
seeming to say, ' let the children go
play hide and seek for us, let us make
a rolling path through light of day,
through night of darkness, until they come
to know, their home is nowhere, save where
the mind and heart is.' Thought then,
being thought, had little chance of seeing
more than nothing, endless nothing,
yet the more of nothing would bring back
what it had chosen to forget, that all is
infinitely mind and not that ' enchanted loom'
'the brain,' that helps such diverse children
to play, all would be well then, all will be one
until thoughts of fun, run away again
and that, will it not, be simply that?

Author bio: 

Roy K Austin resides in Dorset, England. He is retired. He has rural pursuits and enjoys walking his labrador. He enjoys studying 20th century sages/philosophers and drawing on Vedanta and mystical insights, and he enjoys writing poetry that points to the non- dual vision of life. He hates gardening and is always at it.

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