Monday, August 26, 2013

Two poems by Philip Byron Oakes

Peripherally Ho

Eye scream strident pastels all sorties of stories. 
Wits knitting homily mittens for cold hands guilty
of holding on too long. Cartoon hag feathers to
blame for the furioso flutter to earth. Words not
of this language of gestures made plain in the
window. A face for all treasons suspended by a 
belief the air is lighter than the day it brings.
Combing the cloud fleece for clues, traversing the
weak spots in an argument to quench the zeal
to float. Between the five year plans to make a 
night of it. Words when eaten claws and all the
people gathered. Deputy splendors adjoining
the castle for coffee and tea. 


Carving your Name

A splintered sense of piney utopias needling 
skin thinned, naughty as needed to rear 
foundlings lost to the rapport of sticky fingers 
pointing the way. To the cone harvest giving 
the wooded willies room to run. A vetted 
appreciation of landmarks lost to retrospection, 
then stumbled over in the gathering of thoughts 
for revelation, as to the whereabouts but for the 
trees. The black and white of a hobgoblin’s truce 
with the myriad. A forestal nod to surroundings, 
by which leverage is wielded stunting hopes for 
escape, mutating ambitions to climb more into 
than out of places thought reserved for last. 
Parameters kept indoors. Fending off the nothing 
that happens every now and then. By concessions 
made to the now you have it, a blink prior to any 
invitation, to immerse in privileges the crannies 
afford a wilderness. Prone any which way the 
blood runs cold at the fullness of the spectrum. 
Granting a dowry for the eyesore in the window, 
posed as a threat to the balance of comforts, 
taken off guard by the rhetoric of the auction.
The shadows an estate on which to let time wind 
its way in an expose of indifference, to the 
collaborative traumas stoking the formation of 
woodwork burning to emerge intact. Bewitched 
by astral mumblings at the rear of the 
formation of ice. 

Author bio: 

Philip Byron Oakes is a poet living in Austin, Texas. His work has appeared in Blackbox Manifold, gobbet, Moriaamong other journals. He is the author of two volumes of poetry, Cactus Land (77 Rogue Letters2009, and Sard (Otoliths2010.  Website:

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