Monday, August 26, 2013

Woman Contemplating a Yellow Cup by Neil Ellman

(after the painting by Roy Lichtenstein)

 Anywhere, wherever
a yellow cup filled with hypnotic sounds
the allure of a liquid voice
enthralls the ear
hears the sound of magic in the drink
the holiest of the holy grails, she
contemplates the past, the future
now in a cup of tea
tries to knows the meaning
of who she is, why and where
nowhere at all in a yellow cup
in an everyday life
beside an empty table top.

Author bio:

Twice nominated for Best of the Net, as well as for the Rhysling Award from the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Neil Ellman writes from New Jersey. Hundreds of his poems, many of which are ekphrastic and written in response to works of modern and contemporary art, appear in print and online journals, chapbooks and anthologies throughout the world. His first full-length collection, Parallels, brings together more than 200 of his previously published ekphrastic works.

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