Friday, August 20, 2010


Catatonically Speaking

Current Situation by John Grey
Dream #127 by James Babbs
Two poems by Daniel Wilcox
Two poems by David Mac
Sucking Away The Splits by Ross Leese
Three poems by Alec Kowalcyzk
Two poems by Jacob Russell
Incidental Music by Claire Trevien
Double Articulation by John Kuligowski
Two poems by Christopher Sahms
Mission Accomplished in Iraq by John Pursch
Guillotine by Michael McAloran
My Privilege as an Oppressor by Jon Wesick
A Thousand Suns by Sean Horsely
Three poems by Felino Soriano
I Was A Teenage Thetan From Outer Space by Jeff Carter
Three poems by David McLean
Neurologica by Justin Lee Brown
Jiminy Cricket Must Die by Joseph DiLella
Two poems by Tarik Linthicum
Fibbing Numbers by Ruth Handel
Three poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Below the Skin by Alan Britt
Two poems by George Moore
Two poems by Catfish McDaris
Two poems by John Swain
How do you say "qu'est-ce que c'est”? by Christopher Khadem

Here They Come: Are You Ready for the Selmanaires? (Music Interview) by Alison Ross
The Girl in the Cafe: An Odd Combination of Romance and Global Politics (Movie Review) by Edwin Young
Muzak to Make You Mirthful (CD Mini-Reviews) by Alison Ross
David Mac's These Dirty Nothings (Book Review) by David McLean
No Exit: Banksy's Inescapable Charade (Movie Review) by Alison Ross
Gillian Prew's standing still in motion and the idea of wings (Book Review) by David McLean
Scrambled Eggs: The Coathangers Bring On the Grrrl Noise (CD Review) by Alison Ross
Polanski's Ghost Writer a Work of Genius With Meta Messages (Film Review) by Edwin Young
Edward Sanders' The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg (Book Review) by John Yohe
The Lonely Rimbaud (Book Review) by Alison Ross

Middle Class Aspirations in an Ominous Economy (Polemic) by Alison Ross
Little Bo Peep and The Big Bad Wolf (Satire) by George Held
Money (Polemic) by Giles Watson
Dirty Politics (Satirical Art) by Christopher Woods
The Word God and the First And Fatal Flaw in Religious Logic (Polemic) by Edwin Young
Interview with a Marxist (Satire) by Kane X. Faucher
The Glory of White-Wing Politics (Polemic) by Sheila Samples
Fly Paper: A Recipe (Satire) by John A. Ward
The Fucked Human Race: BP Proves Twain (Polemic) by Alison Ross
A World of Magic (Satirical Art) by Jeff Crouch and Christopher Woods
Consider the Global Political Landscape and What the West Hath Wrought (Polemic) by Edwin L. Young, PhD
Getting Your Hump on (Satire) by Wanda Clevenger
Anything Goes: Manufacturing Psychopaths (Polemic) by Paul A. Toth
National Tagalog Day (Satire) by Jon Wesick
Reflection on Global and Personal Connections in the So-Called ‘New World Order’ (Polemic) by Edwin L. Young
This Must Be Hell (or Congress): An Odd Political Spoof (Satire) by James G. Piatt
From a Meaningless World to a Meaningful World (Polemic) by Edwin Young

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