Monday, July 26, 2010

Two poems by Jacob Russell

Mar 18 2010 13th & Morris

Line of roof tops to the end of the _______

of the philosopher’s toe in the sand
(Plato’s alter)
of history

geometry of change

important things
are things

windows, sashes, bottle caps
trees in bud

and the sparrows
silent all winter
noisy for mates

(came all the way from England)

dressed in feathers Oh,

Look around and see
there’s more to history than Kings
or Counting House

That cat for instance
asleep in the sun

a dream of rats
in the granaries of Sumer

a recipe for beer
in clay
from the banks of the Euphrates

the words to the song
long after we’ve forgotten the tune



the widening gap


of blue

between what we think
we see
and what we see

though praise for the monosyllable is endemic
I'm not convinced

I must name each bus
with its passing such

multiplicity of faces
the darkened spaces in the windows
the invisible

thoughts that lie
to the side

to the side
we see

no more

a mono-syllabic
in the glass

Author bio:

James Russell lives and writes in South Philly. His work has been performed by InterAct Theatre and appeared in Criiphoria 2, Conversational Magazine, Connotations, BlazeVox, Scythe, Salmagundi, dcomP Mag, Pindeldeyboz, Battered Suitcase, Salmagundi, Beloit Poetry Journal and other literary venues. With the help of his Spirit Stick, he hopes to complete a second novel in the next few months, and is seeking a publisher for a MS of poetry. He manages the literary blog: Jacob Russell’s Barking Dog.

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