Sunday, August 1, 2010

Double Articulation by John Kuligowski

The sky’s been falling since I learned
to speak. Everything I ever thought
slipped into the strata of the earth,
a spring precipitation, or the easy
tongue taps of a Gnostic deity.

Eventually I realized the sky
was just a water damaged ceiling,
and admitting as much, finished
the cracks in the semantic plaster.
Then I said it. One last thing.

a name a codex the text

And when I uttered three syllables
the first time I entered your room,
our backwater of the universe
crashed down, a chandelier pinning
[fell down]
me to your flesh, my stilled lips to your ear.

Author bio:

John Kuligowski currently lives currently lives within the white, fuzzy walls of his mind. Signs of his presence can be found scattered throughout cyberspace, like some kinda bad dream.