Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two poems by Catfish McDaris

Picasso Blues

Living in a Japanese
motif with dragonflies
swirling around in my head
& peacocks strutting
across bear skin rugs

Collecting lacquered
jewel encrusted snuff
boxes & giving them
to ladies of the night

Match making for pregnant
spiders & Frida Kahlo's
monkeys that sip champagne

The morning clock always
blinds & bewilders me
I can never discern my
blue predicament.


Tortilla Curtain

Gargoyle politicians build a wall
between Mexico & gringolandia
NAFTA on a green horse
trampling the Emancipation Proclamation
rich bigots bloating

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is babies born with no brains
Freedom is children retarded, malnourished, deformed
Freedom is prostitution at 13
Freedom is breathing toxic waste
Freedom is mountains of poisoned fish
Freedom is not being able to see the sun
Freedom is a river of tears
Freedom is a hole in the ground

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
There is no such thing.

Author bio:

Catfish has 14 toes, weighs 148, and recently swam the English Channel.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Both poems were damn good. I pat Catfish on the back. I've seen him read the 2nd one, & he's a knockout slammer.