Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two poems by George Moore

The Dali Café

The crowds are not rushing the gates
of the golden temple, nor the eggs in danger
of falling off the battlements. But
you can’t get a cup of decent coffee here
I hear someone in a flowered shirt that the Maestro
himself would chuck a lunch at say, blossoming
from the sides of a tiny aluminum patio chair.
The women in black wear startling jewelry
much smaller than the best kept masterpieces
of the museum auxiliary store. The old car
propped up in the nun’s courtyard, or theatre,
a museum now with glassed-in out-of-doors,
was never so old as now. Each second
melts again, each hand seems firmly distorted.
We have traveled the lovely landscape
of Spain, Franco’s fascists all gone into hiding,
the vegetation coming back in dull gray,
all to arrive at gates of the fabulously unnamed.


Prologue to a Misdemeanor
for Eunice Odio

Nothing was foreseen.
Everything was imminent.

There where
the field becomes an open wound,
where nothing but poppies bump
into the day, another word
crawls out into the open
and testifies.

You could not say heart without
hurling yourself on the sharp edges
of flowers, or whisper love
without holding yourself
under water until
you were unconscious.

But it was this raft of limbs
in the sentence of the other
swirling through the sunlight
like eddies in a whirlpool
that rescued you from yourself.

It would be nice to spend
an hour on a walk with you,
if you were not dead
and if I were still simply bleeding,
not with arms full of poppies,
not already resurrected.

Author bio:

George Moore was nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and two "Best of the Web"s last year, and the Rhysling Poetry Award this year. He has a few collections out; the most recent is All Night Card Game in the Back Room of Time (Pulp Bits, 2007), an e-Book, no longer around, except on his website (George Moore). He has been published in the last year in Apparatus, Eclectica, Fact-Similie, Cortland Review, Ashé, Driftwood, Tangent, Ranfurly Review, Amarillo Bay, Café Irreal, Zone, ditch, Diode and elsewhere.

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