Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Issue 23 is dedicated to the memory of Carol Novack, publisher of Mad Hatter's Review. A luminous soul of wit and whimsy.

Occupy Clockwise Cat!

Occupy Wall Street: An Occupation of Love (Rant) by Alison Ross
Pac-Man Existential (Satire) by Kane X. Faucher
If the Mob Acted More Like a Corporation (Satire) by Jon Wesick
Cracking the Psychological Mindset of the Day (Rant) by Edwin L. Young
Women and Their Struggle for Full Emancipation (Rant) by Edwin L. Young
The Line (Rant) by Alison Leavens
Occupy The Police States of America! (Rant) by Alison Ross
Street SmARTs (Rant) by Alison Ross
Fuck Work, Part Gazillion (Rant) by Alison Ross
Not Your Average Potato (Satire) by John A. Ward
Two Satirical Pieces by Thomas Sullivan
Time Travels Through Earth's Past and Future (Rant) by Edwin L. Young

Fire Pit by Roberta Lawson
Three poems by Felino Soriano
Three poems by Alexander Kwonji Rosenberg
Dead of Night by Craig Shay
Please Proceed This Way by Joseph DiLella
At the Edge of Our Fingertips by Kelly Lenkevich
Pollock by David Mac
Zoos and Laundry by Levi Gribbon
white dove by kristina sheehan
Two poems by Al Markowitz
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister on the Consumption of My Vegetables by Kevin Sexton
Hard Times by Amanda Phoenix
Two poems by Timothy Carroll
Simulcra 635 by Martin Freebase
September by Lucy Winrow
Two poems by James Babbs
Thread of thought by Arjun Devanesan
It's July 4th by Jonathan Hayes
Yellow Sand by Holly Day
displacement by Brock Marie Moore
Liver-Life by Allen Griffin
Random Acts of Would-Be Randomness by J.S. Watts
Tiny van Gogh by Kevin Ridgeway
Mnemonic Triggers by Joseph M. Gant
Bukowski and the spider by Henry Kellogg
Three poems by David McLean
Fables by John Swain
Two poems by Joe Milford
America by John Pursch
Two poems by Uzodinma Okehi
Breakfast by Viktorsha Uliyanova
Still Life With Old Shoe by Neil Ellman

Lucy Dreams of a Coathanger in Parallax, Beirut (CD Mini-Reviews) by Alison Ross
The Good and the Bad-Ass (Movie Review of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) by Alison Ross
Review of Craig Sernotti's Forked Tongue by J.S. Watts
Scaling the Garage-Punk Mountain (Black Lips CD Review) by Alison Ross
At the Intersections of Surrealism, Science and Spirituality (Book Review of Will Alexander's Compression and Purity) by Alison Ross
Review of Tendai Mwanakas Voices in Exile by J.S. Watts
Review of the Great American Poetry Show Volume 1 by J.S.Watts

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