Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thread of thought by Arjun Devanesan

There is,
on some shore far away,
A planet on which,
being hospitable,
Stands an ocean to which many simple minded tourists flock like noisy antelopes
or grasshoppers,
And within which lives a great metaphor for immensity and vivacity,
Cousins who,
upon rendezvous,
Embrace and merge into a gelatinous whole,
A large jellyfish that swims clumsily in this sea,
Spindly tentacles stinging stray unwary bathers caught up in their own private thoughts
About mortality and morality,
For those are the only two contemplations
Allowed on this planet
on some shore far away.

Author bio:

Arjun's family is Sri Lankan but he was born in India, grew up in Indonesia and Singapore and studied in London, where he now lives. He is a doctor most of the time and writes with the rest of it. He likes to think poems are tangible things and so he likes to make them as sensorial as possible. The rest of his writing can be found at Onomatopeoia.

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