Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dead of Night by Craig Shay

In the dead of night
I am awoken –
to find the American dream
uninhabitable –

I have picked the lock
of an illegal door
and am pulled
into black waters

It is a vast sea
of isolation which
sucks everything in

I wait as eons
carve mortal flesh
into fine marble dust –

Sparrows flutter
deep within my chest –

I turn my neck around
and upward
deliberating the pulsar
behind the face
of a black silence

I am moved now
to listen
as if recalling,
an unschooled wilderness
coaxing particles
of a Bright star
to return –

Author bio:

Craig Shay's poems have appeared in print and online over the past few years. His poetry ebook, Now that the Revolution has begun...will be available this April from The Camel Saloon. More information is available at Craig Shay.

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