Friday, December 16, 2011

Mnemonic Triggers by Joseph M. Gant

do I care to wonder why
my hands
that can not now for any else
but write for dime or name
in great prolificacies disregard
all policies and every last neglect,

. . . write poems here in lieu of something else . . .

or even by technicians' right,
when words could buy
more smoke and dope.

there was stitch and there is weaving
on the rims of every hole I've burned.
yet where I write the droll of syntax
lays the lumber from the road;

walking safely with encryption
on my heels—
the path to find me obfuscated.

mnemonic triggers,
claymore fragments
hiding in a forest bombed of joy;
this paper to make poems of

bring me back to where the burning,
needing less, and cauterized
failed to let the leeches in;
sucking raw diseases from my veins again tonight.

Author bio:

Joseph M. Gant is a scientific glassblower by trade and a writer by everything else that matters. His work has appeared modestly in small press and academic journals. Poetry editor for S A M Publishing, Joseph resides outside Philadelphia and his full length collection of poetry, Zero Division, is available through Rebel Satori Press and most major book retailers.

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