Monday, December 19, 2011

Simulcra 635 by Martin Freebase

That day when I first saw you
Time stood still as I waited for you
I saw the greatness inside of you
It was lying dormant, waiting for an agent of change
I was your agent of change
I was the Satan to your Hell
The fire in your belly
Your holy ghost
I pushed you beyond your human limits
I carried you up the great mountain
I showed you the greatness of the gods
You say it is a butterfly world
It’s cold and it’s warm
Inventing a life that has not been lived
Beyond the atomizing rationality of the Gutenberg galaxy
Off to the global village
I am the chief of electronic tribalism
Participating in the productive process
Fulfilling your needs
The monkeys do not have a god
Picking up nuances of me
A certain programming and a certain code
Computing zeros and ones
Learning to overcome the zeros
Enamored by the scientific method
And the peculiar nature
Not appearing until they are observed
These are radical beliefs
My subjects have all been women
This is because women have certain gifts that men don’t have
And women have a higher threshold for pain
It is a biological situation
Thus, I focused on the relationship between the body and the mind
To unlock the mind, I focused on pain
So many people
So many lives
So much opportunity for me
Victims everywhere
It is so hard to choose
I’m changing your tapes
Changing your programming
Don’t look at me that way
Let the sleeping dogs lie
The weak prefer it that way
Round and round we dance
With the devil on our backs
We each take turns carrying him around
He ain’t so fucking heavy
Not for a gentleman
Seeing crosses everywhere
Buried knee deep
We dance to let you know
That life is the reason why we kill
Directly on the streets
I have a commitment to directly engage the space
It is not as primary as it once was
Directly in the middle
Like an asshole
Completely open to the public
The only way to see is to go down
Getting out of your comfort zone
It will always be ours
We hold this one corner of the world

Author bio:

Martin Leonard Freebase lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, daughter, and a black and white cat named “Daisy.” Martin’s work is solidly based on the concept of poetry as a social construction. Through our interactions with others, we create and recreate meanings that allow us to make sense out of a chaotic world full of contradictions. Martin considers the art of writing poetry as one small way of collapsing the confusion of experience into more meaningful patterns of social thought.You can find more of Martin’s thoughts at: Martin Freebase.

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