Monday, December 19, 2011

Two poems by James Babbs

I Slept Late This Morning

I slept late this morning
then I got up and
put the coffee on
last night
I got drunk
I was full of anger and
I didn’t have any place to put it
I got drunk
I wanted to forget
I felt like drowning
but I knew it wouldn’t happen
I guess
I just wanted to see
how far I could go
I remember
there was music playing
and nobody else was home
I kept standing up
and running around the room
wanting to punch holes in the darkness
trying to make the light bleed through
I got drunk and
I staggered around the house
listening to the ocean
until it grew late
felt the waves pushing
against the sides of my boat


All the Windmills are Dead

the heat
the sky
the way
her eyes
looked at me

all the windmills are dead

it never rains
around here
I miss her
it’s late and
I can’t get to sleep

Author bio:

James Babbs has published hundreds of poems over the last several years in print journals and online. He lives in the same town where he grew up. James works for the government but he doesn’t like to talk about it. He has a cherry tree and two grapevines in his back yard and several pesky rabbits. His books are available from X Libris, Lulu, Interior Noise Press.

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