Thursday, August 11, 2011


Catatonically Speaking: Michele Bachmann for President?

Joseph Gant's "Zero Division" (Book Review) by David McLean
Linda Benninghoff's Snowy Winter (Book Review) by J.S. Watts
Aquatic Cinematic ("Even the Rain" Movie Review) by Alison Ross
The Thing Itself (Book Review of Michael McAloran's "Abattoir Whispers") by Gillian Prew
Hardcore Raving and Balking (Mogwai, Raveonettes and Balkans CD Mini-Reviews) by Alison Ross
Pilgrimage in Time (Book Review of Slaughterhouse Five) by Joseph DiLella
Charity and Fantasy ("Dreamlife of a Philanthropist" Book Review) by Alison Ross

The Fallacy of Balance (Rant) by Alison Ross
An Insensible Census Part I: The Letters (Polemic) by Giles Watson
An Insensible Census Part II: The Artwork (Polemic) by Giles Watson
One Nation, Under Fraud (Rant) by Alison Ross
Jihad (Satire) by Kip Hinson
The Wet Dream of Conservative Nightmares (Satire) by Gil A. Waters
A Memorial Day ‘Commemoration’ 2011 (Polemic) by Edwin L. Young, PhD
A Plea for Homosexuality (Satire) by Kyle Giroux
Rabbit Security (Satire) by Eric Suhem
The End of Racism (Satire) by Matt Kolbet
Examining the Regulation of Consumer Choices (Polemic) by Edwin L. Young
Desperados (Satire) by John Ward

Coffee Shop Renegades by Randy Lowens
Realization Stains by Sandra Ketcham
Economic Development Plan by Ken Poyner
Ode to an American Herd by John Pursch
Vacuum Sinister by DeWitt Brinson
Two poems by Michael Mc Aloran
Inside Us All by Joseph DiLella
Two poems by Ken Poyner
I have planned my funeral by Sweta Vikram
Durch by Alan Zhukovski
Two poems by Lola Nation
Recipe by Jay Passer
Alone in the House by Liam Wilkison
Two Poems by Robert Scotellaro
Hangman by Willie Smith
breathe easy by Carl Kavadlo
Epitaph by John Grey
Two Poems by MercyRain
Her Room by David Mac
Two poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
An Apple and a Handful of Mushrooms by Rich Ives
Nocturne in Crimson by J. Rose
Theory by Michael Fisher
Mouths to Feed by Ross Leese
Three poems by Joseph Farley
Filthy Tomcat by Alan Britt
Three poems by Felino Soriano

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