Friday, July 22, 2011

Two poems by Lola Nation


every slanted rant, devoured
as hips viciously grind
tongue over jagged edges
of sharp wit,
I swallow each moment
My hands on his thighs
pulling closer
he’s giving all
and I’ve handed over
what I’ve got
this is fine, this is swimmingly
fine, I think

his hands compose cello sounds
from within baritone moans
a sound production in colorful motion
each step produced ala Rondeau

repetitive rhythm
salient promises of focus
He is the recurring leitmotiv

in the sanctuary of

Etymology of musical capacity
this is the language of movement
through music without words
keys and chords
spiral from within, chiming
the bell of truth in a choir
octaves above ground


My Poem on Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock, if you want my abstract impression-
you suck,
No one would tattoo your artwork on their back
Like a Hokusai wave,
You traded easels, paint brushes and a palette
To toss paint atop broken bits of glass,
that could have been recycled
You smothered sand in enamel that could have been better served a beach,
And as you were an alcoholic,
I think it’s fairly clear you struggled with your art -
unable to name the chaotic patterns that emerged violently
from within, you gave them numbers like any dull system;
and perhaps with your fractal art God did do you a favor
by ending that pain in a single car accident at the age of 44;
unfortunately taking with you the passenger and leaving behind
a girlfriend and a widow to carry on your legacy,
A legacy that still hangs in marvelous galleries in major metropolitan
cities from New York to Tehran, asking us to place it on the
floor the way you saw it, maybe in 1955, walking around it
from all four sides to feel the action
of each splashed and overlapped color
still dripping as if fresh again.

Author bio:

Lola Nation is a poet originally from Venice, California who is currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri. She writes short stories (Make it Short) and poetry (Insult to Injury Poetry) to keep her idle hands busy. She has had the honor of studying under the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Tom Robbins. She is a founding member of the Write the Future (WTF) a not-for-profit organization which hosts national poetry meetings, salons, publishes, and helps other writers network with one another. Her goal is to keep the writers on their meds. Her greatest accomplishment
to date is breaking her leg at a poetry reading last October.

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