Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two poems by Michael Mc Aloran


Cherubic scar…

Light/ no haven in a dead wound

Blade of ash/ absent body/ undone

Tangent of the slashed tongue

Here now and there the breath the pulse of…

Sky of foreign death/ non-death/ erased

Of a scream torn out/ silenced/ echoing all/ ruptured

Flesh of dusts whispering of the night’s tunnels

Collapsed never to fall/ dreams of less/ non-sun of terse

Cold waters of stillness/ naught/ broken bodies of mire



Razor upon tongue

So healeth the eye’s nectarling

Clasp-knife of velvet erectile ashes

Nothing ever worthy/ whispering as of dead

Sky drag and the scarlet taste/ whispers/ dread

Vacuum walls/ light bulb ablaze

Infinite dark long-stretching/ nothing more than breath

Author bio:

Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976) His work has appeared in various print and online zines, including Carcinogenic Poetry, The Recusant, Sex & Murder Magazine, Danse Macabre, The Plebian Rag, Fashion For Collapse, Fragile Arts Quarterly, Clockwise Cat, Sein Und Werden, Milk Sugar, The Medulla Review, Counterexample Poetics, Heavy Bear, Indigo Rising, etc. His chapbooks include 'The Gathered Bones', (Calliope Nerve Media), 'Final Fragments', (Calliope Nerve Media), & 'The Death-Streaked Air' (Virgogray Press), 'Debris', (Erbacce-Press),‘The Rapacious Night‘, (Calliope Nerve Media), 'Unto Naught', (Erbacce-Press) A full-length collection of poems, 'Attributes', is forthcoming from 'Desperanto' in May 2011.

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