Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two poems by MercyRain

Dispelling Ginsberg

Allen, your ghost has been lain to rest
and this generation suffers still
still howls your name
but no one's fooling no one
association is only a fleeting grasp at identity
and your Oriental words ring hollow among the madmen of today

This is your Kaddish
This is our Kaddish, too

nothing ever changes
nothing remains the same

Allen, we read your words
but the codex is meaningless now
we create our own occult mantras
not in bliss, but in a shallow
hyperextension of cool
daring each other to solve the enigmas
challenging each other to fail

We emulate you, Allen
and we disgrace you
and you -- surely you weep in the confusion

I have seen the best minds of my generation
trading intelligence for status
pointing, casting blame from atop their own Ararat
They stand outside the Cave of Treasures
sneering down at the Children of Cain
but no one has told them that Noah's emptied the cave
that they, too, count among Enoch's condemned

The message is the medium, Allen
but we have them confused

We embrace the Cross and denounce the Christ
rub the idol's belly and not the Buddha

We are nothing
but we refuse to believe
in anything

Oh, yeah, our poets are inducing visions
unimagined and dead
they gloss in the hedonism of ecstasy
solely for freedom of carnality
we expand our minds to observor-state
and believe that this is enlightenment
not sloth

the medium is the message, Allen
and our medium has trademarked names:
Paxil, Valium, Haldol

Holy, holy, holy, holy
we pray to you almighty Dupont
Holy, holy, holy, holy
we laud hymns to you beloved Pfizer
Holy, holy, holy, holy
nothing is holy but we revere all the wrong things
Holy, holy, holy, holy
we revere the rush, the ash
the adrenochrome

We revere the act of rebellion
yet deny the cause
offer retribution instead of salvation

America, what a shitpool you have become
with your beards shaved
and the oranges in market painted orange
coated ina con lest we taste something as foreign
as reality

I say nothing worthwhile, Allen
sinner I am of my own reproachments

This is your Kaddish, Allen
This is our Kaddish, too


blog of the memetic

my mind my mind mind mind
(my mind)
to unwelcome
pushed on me
by others
pushed on me
by others
pushed on me
by others

Author bio:

MercyRain is a madman from South Central Pennsylvania. When not spreading his disease through the written word, he can be found tending his family and breathing fire.

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