Friday, November 20, 2009


CATaTONICally Speaking

Groovy Casa by Anado Groove
Photography by Peter Schwartz
Art by Mirit Ben Nun
Art by Jeff Crouch and Nicolette Westfall
Photography by Tea Wolfwind
Art by Jeff Crouch and Diana Magallon

Impass by Alice Folkart
Lingering by John C. Goodman
Myth and Religion #1 by J. Clayton Jones
Two poems by Heather Anastasiu
Two poems by John Calvin Hughes
Poultry by Eric Beeny
A Song for A Dance by Suzanne Sykora
A Primer for Finding God in the Details by Nathan Tyree
The Elixir by Joseph DiLella
Three poems by Felino Soriano
Pregnancy = Punishment by Catherine Zickgraf
Two poems by Jonathan Emerson Hobratsch
Three poems by Richard Yates
Three poems by Jef Peeples
Two poems by Constance Stadler
Three poems by David Mac
Five poems by Felino Soriano
Three poems by Geoffrey Landis
Two poems by Andrea DeAngelis
Three poems by Reynard Seifert
Two poems by Maja Trochimiczyk

Love, True Love by Charles D. Phillips
Fading into the Mist by Sheila Samples
The Hint of The Finite Presaging a Disquieting Infinity by Edwin L. Young
Satire by Wendy Parker
Universal Health-SCARE: A Kwiz for the Deliberately, Dangerously Ignorant (Satire) by Alison Ross
Jesus as Ultimate Egalitarian by Edwin L. Young
Charge of the Beckerheads by Sheila Samples
Existence as An Inseparable Accursed Bond by Edwin L. Young
How To Survive Apartment Living: A Primer for the New Bachelor (Satire) by Kane X. Faucher
A New Ploy in the Eternal Ruse of the Israeli Right Wing by Edwin L. Young
The Pernicious Ideology of Charity by Alison Ross
Packin' Heat by C.D. Phillips
New American Revolution by Edwin L. Young

Test of Faith by Manuel Royal
Webster Letters by Dietrich Kalteis
Evil Man by Jess Scott
Falling Up by Terry McKee
Flash fiction by Robert Scotellaro
Birth Control by Stefane Hafey
Graffiti by Matt Kolbert
The Answer I Won't Give by Robert Lawson
Flash fiction by Ellen Lindquist
Quiet Rebellions by Wayne Scheer
The Smile and Mr. Lock by Orlo Yeahblip
The Almost Cat by Ethan Rohan
Puppy Island (A Fairy Tale) by Michael A. Kechula
Jailbirds Like Me by Randy Lowens
City Lines by Terence Kuch
A Date With Laughing Gas by Stephanie Smith
The Disappearance of I by Nathaniel Tower
A Priori by Jennifer Hollie Bowles
Urban Thoreau by Richard Osgood
one red bulb by E.B. Dufton

Mark Walton's Frostbitten (Book Review) by David McLean
A Capital Problem (Movie Review) by Alison Ross
Eternally Sonic (Music Review) by Alison Ross
Right-Handed Illuminations (Book Review) by Alison Ross
Felino Soriano's Painter's Exhalations (Book Review) by David McLean
Viva Volver (Movie Review) by Alison Ross
The Cat Box: Clockwise Cat's Slick-as-Shit Kick-Ass Musical Mix (Liner Notes) by Alison Ross

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