Sunday, October 4, 2009

The New American Revolution (Polemic) by Edwin Young

By Edwin L. Young, PhD

These following four situations have seen a gradual and growing transformation in the very recent past of our country. They require renovation of the mindset and styles and strategies of members of Congress, the White House, and all at the highest levels of government. So far these are signs of a ubiquitous declaration but it is congealing and becoming organized very rapidly.

First and foremost, the internet has become a vast network of intercommunication among people who previously have had no or little information about how our country, namely its corporations and political leaders, operates. The blogs and websites created by these newcomers distribute both firsthand observations and personal experiences, and the cyber-community's reactions to each other are exchanged among them all as well. Many millions of intelligent people who were previously excluded from the cloistered, insider information of the dominant minority at the top are now privy to it. As a result, an indignant, angry populace has been aroused. This populace, seeing the extent to which they and their environment have been robbed and abused, chomping at the bit to get revenge and retribution. The mainstream media is now ineffectual in countering and quelling this outraged, humungous beast.

Second, this cyber-community sees through the palliative, fractional, diluted measures being proposed by the country's leaders. They are grasping the way the political leaders cave in and compromise with the corporate bullies and their lobbyists. They have figured out how their media mouthpieces spin with the sophisticated guile and duplicity of an elite endorsed doublespeak.

Third, the cyber-community comprehends how half-measures like: How it is done with cap and trade to contain air pollution, especially CO2; How it is done with health care that does not enforce a single payer, universal system that abolishes profiteering health insurance and gatekeeper managed care corporations; How it is done with an energy plan that continues the environmentally dangerous, uneconomical, abusive catering to coal, nuclear, oil, and ethanol rather than making the complete shift to the clean and economically alternatives; How it is done with allowing paltry CAFÉ standards and pseudo-fuel efficient hybrids to co-opt the road-ready hydrogen-electric cars with a sufficient infrastructure on the launching pad; Nor how it is done with so many others like those that have to do with the Pentagon budget; the bogus wars abroad; drug war; labor unfairness; the totally mercenary, elitist justice system; the abandoned Anti-trust laws; the crony backed deregulation of the financial system; and on and on the list of grievances goes. Finally, the cyber-community comprehends how all of these are glaring signs of a long drawn out, almost subliminal until now, plutocratic Coup d'état.

Fourth, this cyber-community, these people, is incensed. Their communal brains are royally roiling and their sense of injustice is unparalleled since American became a nation. They now understand that a sleek, stealthy 'domestic insurgency' has been successfully eroding the power of the people, by the people, and for the people. They have a gut-wrenching realization that the secret class warfare that has been waged against them for two-hundred and thirty-three years has been sadistically and mercilessly successful. the time for a reversal of the elites' fortunes is at hand and long overdue. The undeclared, unrecognized until now, war against them is taking a revolutionary turn about. The underclass is openly declaring war. Declaring War! 'Class Warfare', openly declared, and not like the elites who stay incognito and pay their needy and greedy minions to do it for them!

By the way, it is not just the denizens of the internet who are up in arms. I was in the grocery store the other day and stopped to rest at the food bar. While sitting there, overheard two men, each about fifty-years-old, discussing the current economic crisis. They were strangers to each other and each asserted their identity by stating that they had Bachelor's Degrees. They were both currently unemployed. They were very much in accord with respect to their extremely negative feelings toward the upper class. In short order, their complaint became a harangue, revealing their extremely bitterness and wish that destruction would befall the wealthy and the politicians who have sold out to the wealthy at the expense of decent, honest, ordinarily hard-working people like themselves.

For transportation, I take the bus. I mention this now because almost every time I am on the bus or waiting for it I either overhear or am engaged in conversations that exhibit the same degree of outrage as was expressed by the men in the grocery store. With these experiences and what I see on TV I have concluded that there is a general feeling in the country that corruption in high places has virtually taken over the country. I sense that there is a great upsurge of outrage against the wealthy, corporations, and our political leaders. I also sense that this is not passive outrage. Rather, the people are primed to take desperate action. The people are eager for a New American Revolution. The sentiments are identical to those sounded in the 1776 "Declaration of Independence"!

This time the Declaration of Independence is being made by the people against the elites, and not, as it was before, by the elites against their foreign ruler, England. Furthermore, whom do you presume will win this one! That is not a question because I suspect you know the answer. It is an affirmation!

Author bio:

Edwin is a 76 year old, retired, psychotherapist/institution reformer. His greatest satisfaction came from reforming many juvenile correctional institutions, a maximum security prison, a West Texas mental hospital, and the huge Job Corps in San Marcos, Texas. All in all there were thirteen institutions that he successfully reformed. In the last year of his PhD program, Edwin was one of the two PhD graduate students to be awarded the annual University Research Institute grant. His dissertation committee said his was the longest, best, and most complex in the history of the department. Since retiring, Edwin spends his time writing. His site is: The Natural Systems Institute.

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