Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Catatonically SPEAKING

Chicken Soup by Ashley Hibbert
Face in Clouds by Dawn Allison
Merle's Orchards by Eric Suhem
El Luchador by Berry Henderson
Julia's Last Scorn by Dean Lawson
Two Stories by David McMullan
One Story by Craig Sernotti
Flash Fiction by Cassidy Petrus
Flash Fiction by John Ward
Fiction by Michael Kechula
Fiction by Michael S. Collins
Boxes by Linda J. Washington
The Price of Pieces by Mark Mika
Captivated by BD Wilson
Flash Fiction by Amanda McQuade
Mist by Diane Height
The Client by Carla Girtman

Dream Like an Empress by Janie Hofman
Celebrity Devil by Tyler Cobb
Two poems by TJ McIntyre
Two Poems by Puma Perl
Five Poems by David McLean
Three Poems by AJ Kaufmann
Writing by Carl T. Abt
Five Poems by Amanda Boschetto
Three Poems by Tod Leverton
Two Poems by Emme Hor
Not for the Faint Hearted by Joseph Di Lella
Five Poems by Duane Locke
Double Spaced Anger by Dan Provost
Two Poems by Taylor Gorman
Four Poems by Isaiah Vianese
On Leaving by Allagash Sinclair
my collective tv unconscious by Melanie Browne
Four Poems by Felino Soriano

Editorial Cartoons by MJ
Concrete Poem by Chris Major
Photography by Valerie Rice
Photography by Tony Polain
High by David Scott Tenorio

Peter Principle Playoffs by Sheila Samples
The Twisted Dark Hearts of Politicians by Edwin Young
Journey to the Center of Nothing by Alison Ross
The Devilish Agenda of the Super Rich by Edwin Young
Freedom is Truth, Truth Freedom by Alison Ross

Open Letter to Nephew by Steve Wheeler

Stupid White Review by Dawn Allison (Book Review)
rob plath's there's a little hobo in my heart by David McLean (Book Review)
Contorting Conformity by Alison Ross (Book Review)
Misti Rainwater-Lites' Pretty Red Berries by David McLean (Book Review)
Nothing Left but Faith by Alison Ross (CD Review)
Lisa LaTourette's The Art of Being a Quitter by Jack Henry (Book Review)
Alan Corkish's Bum-Rap by David McLean (Book Review)
Atomically Correct by Alison Ross (Book Review)

The Lost Art of Empathy by Alison Ross
On Hypocrisy and History Repeating Itself by Preston Picus

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