Sunday, September 21, 2008

Four poems by Felino Soriano

Four poems
by Felino Soriano


The viewing of miracles
mentions to the accolades
of the wandering unknown
faith versus reason,
the philosophical outline
tracing in origin—
the crux of problematic realism,
belief in the ability to counteract
the eyes' closing inclination,
is the mind adapting to motives
of secular illustrations,
milieu circulating through
various origami renditions?

Styles of vernacular coexist
trivial tributes to the healing
of the healthy. Eerie

documentation of citizenry actions
regarding mediocre behavior
exists atop the bathing, sleeping
silence of devotional boredom.


Two Forms of Innateness

Regarding elucidations of the mind,
explaining innate comprehension
to the individual, who, with
the ears of capacity filled
is with predisposed competitive nature—
and therefore refuses with a dispositional
refute, explains with a metaphorical turning
of a back, repudiates all verbalized offering.


Fathoming Newness Within a Reconstructed Epoch

Annunciating time, inexistent from
that of a wrist watch, wall clock,
the normality of à la mode methods
of executing calculations toward
realizing where the body resides—
these modes are desired personalities
of required monotony;

The mind can adjust, slip in between
sanctioned sections of pseudo
In admiration for elsewhere
the desire can
or attempt to shape in multifaceted
subtle nuances of an abstract
rendition of reconstructed existences.
Spatial identity mirrors that
of when
wetness divulges authentic blurring of
repetitious knocking,
knocking of rain atop green,
assorted gifts of an afterward
of deluge.

Existence is the sculpted reality of time's
many tendencies.
What the mind can fathom,
the body encapsulates
in an ensuing reconstruction
within the ego's allowing reign.



Tentative existences
reassume advantages
under examined
of thought.

to this
this understanding toward realization,
assumptions in several severities
within the mind's
canalled visualized escape. Arrows as metaphors
pointing toward topography,
one's feet progress
in newly formed
freedom. Therefore

the body holds highly its
found evacuation, trusting
an abandoned and withdrawn
before, what was blinding
extracts layered hindrances
away from visual
the winged decadence
arranged in signed enhancements.

Author note:

Felino Soriano, from California is a Case Manager working with developmentally disabled adults. He is also a philosophy student. His chapbook "Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes" was published by Trainwreck Press, 2008. Visit Felino Soriano for a complete publication history and for more information.

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