Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Catatonically Speaking

Sexual Education for Young Men by Kane X. Faucher
Blame Clinton for the Mess in Iraq by Dennis Vanvick
Imaginary Friends by Gil Waters

The Real American Education by Duane Locke
Seeds of Truth by Sheila Samples
No We Can't! (Have a Fascist-Progressive President) by Alison Ross
The Israel-Palestine Impasse: A Proposed Solution by Edwin L. Young
Not to Mention Macho by Eric Beeny
Catalog of Misconstruals by Edwin L. Young

James Darman's Getting Fat on Thin Lines by David McLean (Book Review)
Doom-laden Masterpiece by Alison Ross (Book Review)
Constance Stadler's Tinted Steam by David McLean (Book Review)
A Class Not Easily Dismissed by Alison Ross (Film Review)
Jack Henry Chapbooks by David McLean (Book Review)
David McLean's pushing lemmings by Constance Stadler (Book Review)
David Blaine's View From Here by David McLean (Book Review)
The Luscious Lips are Back in Black by Alison Ross (Music Review)

Four poems by Russell
Three poems by Shane Allison
Dante's Path by Joseph DiLella
Three poems by John Grey
Three poems by Michael Shorb
Two poems by Joe Quinn
Tumble Eyes Paint Parable by Courtney Ray
The Universal Hustly by Gail Gray
Two poems by Daniel Miles
Five poems by David McLean
Three poems by Annie Diamond
Two poems by Petra Whiteley
Two poems by Anthony HItchin
Jack in the Box by Colin O'Sullivan
a red sun by Justin Hyde
Five poems by James H. Duncan
Three poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Where My Balls Once Were by David Mac
Two poems by Peycho Kanev
Two poems by Ralph Michael-Chiaia
Three poems by Tyler Cobb
Two poems by John Grochalski
Two poems by Adam Chesler
The Rambleons by Christian McKay Heidicker
Three poems by Stu Hatton
Four poems by Levy Wagenmaker
Watchdog by June Nandy
Four poems by Richard Fein
Planned Parenthood RULES

Photography by Jan Swan
Collage and Painting by Benjamin Craft
Political Art by Gil Waters
Concrete Poetry by Chris Major

An Astronomical Allegory by Edwin L. Young
Blogs Reflect the Nature of the Modern Mind by Edwin L. Young

When In Doubt Throw Up By John A. Ward
When the Chips are Stacked by Pavelle Wesser
Two stories by Diane Height
This is not a place of compassion by Olga Bukhina
Cats and Dogs by Dan Bradley
Incident at the Station by Mariss Mani
What's the story, morning glory by Bill West
A Bell Witch Story by Adam Moorad
Faith and Diligence by Oonah V. Joslin
Sometimes I Wake Up Questioning My Sanity by Sally Weigel
My Life Coach by D.E. Fred
Two stories by Jon Tait
Grand Entrance by Michael A. Kechula
Moore's Law of Relationships by A.J. Kirby
The Secret by Brandon Kamins
Just a Perfect Body by Phil Clark
Pausing to Shake the Spit from Their Horns by John A. Ward

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