Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two poems by Mark Cunningham


I alienated everyone when I said I prefer Shimp to Curly.  Water is blue unless it’s not, or maybe it’s something else unless it’s blue.  Most words can’t be used to order a hot dog.  As the Buddha said when he went on a retreat, I’m just keeping my non-self to myself.  She knew the answer was “life”—and then it turned out it had been a trick question.


We got the Mexicans to act like Polynesians posing as African coast-dwellers, so don’t lecture us about multi-culturalism.  She was removed from the diversity panel due to “creative differences.”  I had a sneezing fit and they respected my micro-climate by moving to another table.

Author bio: 

Mark Cunningham's recent book is Helicotremors (Otoliths). 71 Leaves, an e-book from BlazeVOX, is available for free to anyone curious enough to Google it.

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