Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Full Life (Polemic/Meditation) by Edwin L. Young, PhD

     A full life is free of civilizations' arbitrarily evolved, barbaric conventionality.  It understands and is comfortable with the knowledge that the destructiveness and inhumanity of our fellow humans results from the malformed social structures and systems which have evolved over many millennia and not from genetics nor from inherent, voluntary, malicious ill-will.
       A full life enjoys a freedom from that uncouth provinciality.  It includes an appreciation for our senses and sexuality and a respect for and attention to the needs and frailties of our human bodies. 
       It includes an unbounded, non-fixated, inquisitive mentality and an ability to take the perspectives of all humans and species. It includes an appreciation for the vast range of gifts of mind and skill within our own species.  
        A full life embraces a oneness, empathy, and inclusiveness with all of nature's forms of life.  A full life eschews being judgmental and making invidious comparisons.  It sets itself not above, in privilege or value, any of it fellow human beings.
        A full life loves simplicity in living while reaching out to understand the full complexity of the many dimensions of existence. 
        A full life includes an openness to a global vista and embraces global responsibility.  
       Temporally, a full life is not restricted to the 'now' but dwells beyond that and extends far into the earth's and our specie's past and future.     
         A full life is grateful for and serene within its 'being-ness' and eschews greediness for more.  
         A full life includes acceptance of its own finiteness and eventual mortality with grace and thankfulness for having existed and having had the privilege of being able, in whatever manner, small or large, to have participated positively to existence.
A full life is a goal for each, within the limits of their individual capacity, to aspire to.

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